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“Our vision is to provide affordable homes”

Q and A with Mr Dinesh Kumar Singh, Vice President, Vibgyor Housing, U.P.

Mr Paras Shahdadpuri

Please tell us about the Vibgyor Housing Group. When did you start and from where?
Vibgyor Housing is already national brands of smart value housing introduced by Vibgyor Group’s two flagship companies—Vibgyor Housing Ltd. This company provides cost efficient and relevant solutions that go far beyond just providing a home.
Vibgyor Group was born out of the dream & vision of the Founder and Chairman & Managing Director, Shri Raja Bhadra on 13th of March, 2002. From a humble beginning, a decade ago, the Group has emerged as a fast moving business house and been able to make its own place in the corporate globe of India.
Today Vibgyor Group is a well known name all over India and abroad with its world class products and services. It is the trusted home of thirty odd companies of diverse industrial and business activities of excellence and superiority. 
The Group’s headquarters is in Kolkata and have pan-India presence with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Andaman, Guwahati, Agartala, Ranchi, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar and in almost all districts of West Bengal. There are overseas offices and the group has expansion plans for opening many more business activities in near future both in the country and abroad.

Please tell us about yourself and Vibgyor Housing UP?
It is almost just 2 years when I came down to Uttar Pradesh with the vision and concept of affordable housing with the motive to cater affordable flats for those who might have dreamt of having their own flat according to the budget. It really makes me happy that this concept has been appreciated by the people of Uttar Pradesh.

What is your mission and vision?
Our mission is to provide affordable homes to those who need it. It is the key to equitable, social and economic growth of India. Creating a long term solution for quality affordable housing is critical to satisfy the growing aspirations of more than 200 million families.
Having already achieved the highest accreditation of process and quality (NSEN ISO: 9001:2000), the vision of the Group is to make foothold in all the segments of its industrial & commercial activities; to garner the largest market share with its world class products and services and win the hearts of more and more people. With this end in view, the Group has adopted Life Cycle Stage Development Plan as the most important and effective tool. Training and development programs at all stages have been designed by mapping the competencies to specific roles. The marketing platform has been designed on global CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The Group envisions making a niche as a leading Corporate House in India with significant global presence.

Please tell us about your current projects in UP?
We are coming up with township named Vibgyor Housing Dewa Road of 828 Flats along with club facility at a quite affordable prize and also with Vibgyor Planet which is opposite Ramswaroop University with 600 Flats. We have Villa projects just 11km from Chinhat crossing and 1Km from Ramswaroop University and 6 Km before Dewa Sharif which is itself a very famous holy place where people comes from all-around globe.

What are the upcoming projects future planning that you have in mind?
Very Soon we shall be coming up with Housing projects in Agra, Allahabad, Meerut, Noida, Varanasi, Kanpur, Raibareilly and in many more cities.

The rupee has gone down against the dollar. As we speak, it has touched 68 to the dollar. Is it not a good time for NRIs to invest in Indian property since they will get more purchase out of the dollar?
With the Indian rupee depreciating by over 20 percent since the past two years and now hovering around Rs 68 a dollar, the Indian real estate market offers one of most lucrative investment option for non-resident Indians (NRIs). The quires of the projects have increased so I feel on the rupee depreciation against the dollar this is the right times for NRIs to buy a property in India.

Apart from housing projects, your group has diversified activities. Please tell us something about those activities…
Gems and jewellery is synonymous with and contemporary to our Indian tradition. The collection and components of jewellery includes traditional gold, diamond and platinum, coupled with a variety of other precious and semi-precious metals and stones. India is the home for the world's most competitive gems and jewellery market owing to its low cost of production and the gift of skilled craftsmen and designers.


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