Yogi Ashwini          

So ek tattva nirantar abhyas means that your focus is on that with the highest frequency, ek tattva. And rest all other things of life are considered an aid. For instance, in a society one has to wear clothes, so clothes are an aid to life. But what we have done is that we have made our clothes our life-designer clothes. You have made the unreal, the reality of your life. So the thought at all points of time should be that highest frequency has to be achieved. When we try to achieve that highest frequency then you just don’t see anything else, nothing else exists for us. And when that state is reached when your consciousness connects to that Guru force, then nothing wrong can happen in your life (bigad hi nahi sakta) because from higher intensity you can easily control the lower one. It is very easy to do it, no problem in that.

So everything is fine but don’t forget the Shiv-Shakti story, the day you meet—a new job, or a new contract or a new relationship—that moment itself the time of separation is decided. So whenever you get something, how-so-ever close it may be, that moment itself it gets decided when it is going to go away. The first sign of separation from the Guru force is when you get the thought- “Yahan toh hain hi na”. Always remember this, otherwise all your life you will only be troubled….pareshan aur dukhi hi rahoge.

So understand what I am saying, mistakes everyone makes, even I do them till today. Make a mistake and you still learn from it. But this gyan is important that once you get something, one day it will leave you and that time has already been decided whether it’s a job, a business, or a relation—that now you go two ways. So then it will be somewhere else, with someone else in some other dimension. So what will happen is that the way you change your clothes daily, the same way you will be changing your jobs, your businesses, your relationships. I have come to this conclusion after studying this for many years.

So ek tattva nirantar abhyas is keeping your focus on that highest frequency and consider everything else as just an aid. Doing everything is important, you have to do it, but focus on that highest frequency. Otherwise you will make that as the main purpose of your life, like a job but then you need to ask who is satisfied? So don’t ever forget, this, what you get, that will surely go away from you because you are not the highest frequency.

So never forget these—intensity, frequency and focus because it is this intensity which will take you kahin se kahin. Everything in physical world, when you get it will go away and then again it will meet you but then with someone else, in some other dimension. The thought will be that only, the desire will be that only but the soul and the body will change, unless the focus is that what we call Guru Tattva, agar Guru tattva mein poori intensity hoti hai toh phir wahi hote hain har dum… Guru’s force is shashwat force, don’t ever look at the body, because when you do that, then you start getting physical thoughts, fear too is a physical thought. To explain certain things body is initially taken for a while but it is going to be very temporary, don’t take that to be permanent. That it will go on like this only. No. When that changes even I can’t tell you. So have complete focus, what has to happen will happen due to this only otherwise you will keep going round and round. Time will just be passing and you will remain pareshan all the time. So your intensity should not be outside on any physical thing even by mistake, it should be only on that Ek Tattva.

Don’t look at my physical body at all—Agar physical dekhoge toh bhramit ho jaoge.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

January 2013

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