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January 2013

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Preparing a newsmakers’ A-list of the diaspora is always going to be a tough ask, mainly because the segment to choose the newsmakers from is as diverse as India itself. Almost every geographical region in India is represented by its people spread out across the world, perhaps across 130 countries.

But the beauty of selecting an A-list of Overseas Indian newsmakers is that you do not have to be swayed by any regional biases, something that we still encounter, subtly or overtly, ever so often in India. When it comes to the diaspora, what we are looking for essentially is that one shared trait---the Indian origin itself. Success, clout and service to the community dictate who should get into the list, and who should be left out.

As is expected, a list like this can throw up many names. There is a tendency to recollect more names from the U.S.A. and U.K. than any other country, simply because those names are broadcast more frequently round the year. And yet, one must look globally and identify those that have impacted regions and cities, even if the impact has been less written about.

And so here we are with the names of 12 Newsmakers of 2012 from eight nations. Newsmakers that have not just impacted their own nations but directly, or indirectly, the branding of India with their performance, power, potential and sacrifice. One of them made news by her death, and stirred an entire nation into action, much like the girl who died after being raped in Delhi. Others have just functioned outstandingly, and at least in one case, age hasn’t mattered at all.

We tried to cover most geographical regions, and would definitely like your feedback on our choices.

Elsewhere in the magazine we have select interviews, and features, some of them related to investments and business. Watch out—India is full of opportunities, but try and come in through the right channels.

Like the newsmakers from 2012, we hope that in the year 2013, we are able to raise the bar in whatever we do.

Happy and enjoyable reading.

Sayantan Chakravarty

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