Yogi Ashwini          

The entire creation may be described as having just two aspects—Prakriti (anything that can be perceived by the five senses) and Purush (soul). Man in kaliyug has been so engrossed in the sensory pleasures, that he has completely lost touch with the Purush. His vision and thought is limited to the physical dimension, he cannot think beyond. Hence, it is not surprising to see on TV channels people giving myriad “upchars” to solve physical, financial and emotional problems in the name of Yog.
If you are in Yog, physical, financial or emotional problems cannot touch you. It is an impossibility! If you are facing these problems then you need to check...something is amiss.

Yog is a time-tested science and gives 100% results. If you are doing Sanatan Kriya the way it should be done, then you don’t need any yagya, havan or yantra to solve physical problems. They are performed only for the purpose of sadhna or to aid the creation. 

Whatever happens with you is in accordance with the Law of Karma. Your pains and pleasures are directly proportional to your negative and positive karmas. A problem is nothing but the manifestation of the negative karmas that you have accumulated over lifetimes. A Yogi knows this and is unaffected by problems, s/he sees it as cancelling out of negative karmas. But a normal human being asks—“What did I do to deserve this?”

As you progress on the path of yog, you are shown whatever you had done, good or bad, and the respective pleasures and pains. Always remember that any pain or pleasure is for a limited period only, so really there is no point getting troubled by it or trying to hold on to it. The choice is yours, whether to accept it and let it pass, or to get boggled down by it and ruin your health and condition.

You have a limited reserve of positive karmas. You may encash it on petty problems, however these problems come with a limited validity because they will disappear on their own once the time comes. Take my advice and keep this karmic balance intact, because you will need it in your journey ahead. If you happen to get stuck somewhere and you are unable to move forward, then I will be able to help you if you have this karmic balance. But if you encash it now, then, at that time you will not be able to find me. Spending your karmas on solving physical problems is almost like wasting nuclear power to light a bulb. You can do so much more...

It is extremely simple to deal with physical problems. If you want academic success start teaching others; if you want material success make lives comfortable for the needy; if you are emotionally stressed become the emotional support for someone—whatever you desire, start giving it to others. It is this simple. But do remember physical pleasures are like sand, the harder you try to hold on to them, the faster they will slip.

In the times to come, Gurus will stop taking birth. There is very little time left, do not waste the opportunity.

 - The Writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in.

July 2013

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