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July 2014
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Cover Story
Son Rises
How Rahul Gandhi is winning friends and influencing people

Evergreen SuperStar
Amitabh Bachchan has scripted one of the most intriguing comeback stories   

People Profiles

Tarun Tejpal-The TorchBearer
Well over three years after Operation West end rocked India's defence and political establishment ...



Bowling 'Em Over
Sukhi Turner is in her third innings as Dunedin Mayor


Home in a Hotel
NRI families or executives relocating to India, a service apartment with all creature comforts is a better deal than a claustrophobic — and cold — hotel
Dollars Dreams
Don’t be green with envy when your NRI cousin flashes those greenbacks. Join him abroad and get a slice of the good life


Indian Corner
If Bipasha Basu wants to steer her affair with John Abraham to a happy ending, she has to learn to share him with a ...
A Motley Collection Of Business and Economic News
This Month's most useful cyber, destination for the connected NRI
Shopping For Indiai
Whether they buy dal or Bollywood DVDs, spices or Basmati, for Indian immigrants in Australia shopping ...


It's Chowtime Folks
As India's Gen Next goes restaurant hopping in a big way, marketers are introducing novel dining out concepts and brands that go beyond the ... 



Ms Money Bag
Have an idea but no money? Try knocking at Renuka Ramanth’s door, the venture capital queen who’s most likely to pick the ...
Life's Slam Dunkins For Mukesh Parikh
From dusty Bavia in Gujarat, this Indian has struck profits in franchise in New Jersey ...
Hot Property
San Fransisco’s Roger Bakshi wants to strike deals in India’sReal Estate   
Sugar Daddy
Kushagra Bajaj, a scion of the Bajaj clan, has drifted from the empire and is carving out his own fiefdom in sugar. Will he be India’s new commodities king?

That Heady Feeling
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw may be India’s richest woman but getting crowned the country’s biotech queen wasn’t a walk in the park ...


Star is Porn
Indian-born actresses are making it in adult entertainment in West


Holiday Wives
Is there hope for the thousands of Punjabi girls married off to NRI grooms, who have virtually dumped the young wives only to return for an occasional holiday?


For the stressed out, the time pressed and the bone weary, a spa break is the trendy way to relax in a hurry. New Age gurus, take that!


Straight From The Heart
While most heart surgeons pop a bill that would send their patients into a relapse, Bangalore-based Devi Shetty would ...
California's influence Czar
Cardiac surgeon Romesh Japra is operating with great vigour and a big heart to ensure that Indian ...


Amiable Amish
A visit to an Amish farm can help dispel any prejudices you may have about this closed Christian community. In their obsessive love for their children and emphasis on a cohesive family structure they seem, well, almost Indian.


Swiss Bliss
Going to Switzerland for a honeymoon is not just a dream for many, but a dream come true. But Shuchi Sinha not only ...