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Aligned for harmony

It is inauspicious to have an odd number of pillars in a house, as the breadwinner of such a property will be subject to debts, illness and trouble. Vaastu says fortune will flee from the house
Home sweet home is what every dweller looks forward to after a hard day's work. But for an occupant to enjoy the best of his home, he should be in tune and on balance with the environment and energies surrounding the property. To better understand the effects of Vaastu Shastra, we should liken our life to a television set. There are times when the TV antenna goes out of alignment when the relay station and reception is affected. The picture may be distorted and the sound may jar.
Similarly, in life, we can step out of alignment with our own nature and the environment around us. This can affect the harmony within us and whatever is happening in our physical world of health, work, wealth and relationships. Our own picture can get distorted and we, too, need to realign our antenna to get the desired results. Vaastu Shastra helps to realign this antenna and tune the “set” for better colour contrast, brightness and sound. The art of placement of things in an appropriate place on a property can help remove the obstacles, hindering the flow of positive energy in our homes—part of “tuning” our lives. 

It is inauspicious to have an odd number of pillars in a house, as the breadwinner of such a property will be subject to debts, illness and trouble. Vaastu Shastra says the Goddess of Fortune will flee from the house and negative energy will possess it. The main doorway is an important aspect for a building and Vaastu Shastra gives much credence to this entrance, which is regarded as the abode of the Goddess of Fortune.
The main doorway should be parallel to the back doorway to allow positive energy to flow in through the front, and negative energy to flow out through the rear.

Laying of foundation
Vaastu goes into detail about laying the foundation for a house or building. It stresses the importance of performing a special prayer to seek permission from unseen entities in the ground and within the space of the site before starting work. A priest or a qualified Vaastu Shastra consultant should carry out such a ceremony. But it should be postponed if any of the following are evident on the day of the ceremony: 
Someone uttering inauspicious words;
· Thundering sky
· People quarrelling
· The priest grieving
· Accidentally breaking or scattering a coconut
· The sound of someone crying
· The sound of drum beats
· Toppling over the pot of holy water kept for worship
· The sound of someone sneezing
· Scattering of articles meant for worship
· Scattering of sparks from the holy fire-pit

House facing a T-junction
Although a house at a T-junction is considered less auspicious, Vaastu Shastra says the negative impact on such a property can be reduced with the placement of the statue of Lord Ganesha, the deity that removes obstacles. However, there is no firm assurance that the owner will enjoy peace of mind, even after disturbances to the harmony of the property have been reduced. If the owner had a choice, he should move to a house that does not have a road running towards the property.
Vaastu Shastra says if a house faces a junction of four streets, all the wealth and fame the owner has saved through hard work will diminish gradually. Vaastu also discourages purchasing a house, or staying in one, that is close to a place of worship. This is because occupants of such a property will experience grief and illness, and they will be divided in their opinions.

—T. Selva from Malaysia is the author of the best selling book titled Vasthu Sastra Guide. He is an international speaker and gives regular talks worldwide on Vasthu Sastra and ancient Indian wisdoms. To get a copy of the book visit, He can be contacted at

December 2008

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