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Seeing Things In Black And White

Coming to black is a little complicated for black is the colour of death and also the ultimate colour of creation—the all encompassing dimensions of life and death together
Till now we have been talking about various kinds of colour pranas available in food which the body utilises. Also we have spoken about certain ingredients like honey and ghee which are vardhak. Let us now look at the colour white.

The colour white has all kinds of prana so it is consumed either in its white form or in combination with another colour which enhances the property of the added colour. White in itself is considered a complete food for yogis. So whenever in doubt about food just have white. A major property of white is it very gently administers the colour prana in mild proportions hence is 100 per cent safe. Different shades of white have a predominant prana of a specific colour.

Here I am giving certain uses of white prana. Fresh petals of Jasmine flowers can be ground and applied externally for skin ailments and also as a headache reliever. Garlic mixed with mint greatly enhances the property of green and is a very powerful waste expeller and is an appetite stimulator. Garlic boiled in milk taken one hour after dinner helps relieve breathing disorders. Garlic also soaked in pure mustard oil and kept for two days in hot sun becomes a very effective remedy for joint pains.

Camphor (tulsi camphor) is an important ingredient for joint pain relieving oils, karpoor adi tailam is a very effective relaxing massage oil. Soy milk and soy paneer is a rejuvenator and helps in removing weakness and giving the body strength especially after fever.

Coming to black is a little complicated for black is the colour of death and also the ultimate colour of creation—the all encompassing dimensions of life and death together. In food prana, I shall give certain combinations of black that would have an amazing and at some states miraculous effect on the physical.

When the vital prana vayu is disturbed in the body then ailments of the respiratory tract and also the upper stomach set in, people who get into the practices of hyper pranayams viz. kapalbhati and bhastrika normally end up disturbing the normal functioning of the prana vayu. Initially the effects of these two pranayams may seem revitalising but the body by the rapid breathing process is just wasting the vital prana and inviting diseases. This is discovered when it is too late, just like a car with a litre of fuel in it can be driven 10 km by gentle driving but only a kilometre or two by flooring it. A high is felt but in the long term the vital prana vayu is exhausted and the practitioner has to suffer badly. The effect of these pranayams can be compared with the effects of steroids. In both cases clairvoyantly it has been seen a tinge of black sets in the aura — interpreted as a disease there.

Pippali is called adi marundu which in Tamil means the first rejuvenator is concretised black prana and is used for a range of problems from headache, cough, respiratory problems, ENT ailments, indigestion, flatulence, skin ailments etc. Whatever combinations are being prescribed with black prana are to be used in less frequently and in minor quantities unless prescribed by an ayurveda vaidya. Pippali is an important ingredient of chywanprasha, medha rasayan and trikatu. 

Another herb called bhilava is also a very potent black prana which in a large quantity acts like a poison while in minor quantities it has amazing medicinal use. Take equal quantity of pippali, black pepper and dry ginger, powder them and take the mixture with warm water and honey one hour after meals. This combination is an effective cure for diseases of the respiratory tract. There are many combinations of black prana but they cannot be given here due to their higher potency as damage might occur. 

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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November 2008

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