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As I have said earlier, marriage means a union between man and woman and the charka at which the union takes place gives form to the relationship. Matching of the horoscopes is nothing else but a match of the chakras, the science was perfected by the Vedic rishis and given to mankind as a blessing. The lowest or the grossest level of union is that of the base earthly desires, characteristic of mooladhar chakra. They merely satisfy the grosser needs of life such as sharing of material wealth and belongings etc. There’s no higher purpose of them coming together. A little above this is the connection based on sexual desires at the level of swadhishthan chakra, or the level of physical creation.

Above this is the connection established on the plane of power, be it social, political, economic. Like it used to be in earlier times, where two empires used to come together by way of marriage between the heirs. Purpose was to expand the political or economic status, expansion of kingdoms and stronger defenses against enemy aggression by merger of two kingdoms. Now comes the level, where the maximum number of marriages exist — the level of attachment. When one thinks he or she cannot live without the other, mistaken as love, these are the connections, which normally fail to become marriages and often result in what we see as divorce these days. The basic concept behind marriage, ‘togetherness and oneness’ is lacking in these relationships. People are so tied up, so blinded by their own selfish needs they are now two separate individuals. The modern concepts of ‘individuality’, ‘identity’, ‘space’ have crept into almost every single relationship today and the whole concept of marriage looks like a mockery of marriage in real terms. Yet it is so difficult to let go of the person.

This is the sense of possession, when you want a complete hold on the spouse, what they are doing, who they are meeting, where they are going. You want the person exclusively the way you think it should be. Jealousy, anger, lack of faith, they are all lower emotions and are far away from togetherness. In a marriage based on these kind of emotions, the relationship, the house, and the environment around goes into complete disharmony. These are connections at the solar plexus or the surya chakra. A connection formed on the basis of love is much higher and has no ties. It is established at the anahat chakra, the seat of selfless love. Love can never hold you back; tie you with emotions and conditions. It is selfless; it sets you free because you are happy in the happiness of the person you love, unconditionally. .

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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April 2009

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