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The body’s immune system and its self regenerating ability is the only mechanism with which the body preserves itself and fights off infections. It saves us from all problems whether they are psychosomatic or otherwise.

A strong body, that is strong at both the physical and etheric level, has the ability to harness fresh prana from the environment and would easily ward off problems of all kinds. Our body is part of nature and keeping it in rhythm with nature by ingesting natural products ensures a disease free and strong system. While modern medicine works like a suppressant and confuses the brain. Such medicines should be used only in emergencies or when the doctor prescribes them for short periods only. Chemicals whether food or medicine should be used with great caution.

The reason why practitioners of yog never fall sick and or get depressed is because they use natural products to correct the imbalances in their bodies. 

Continuing with various kinds of teas prescribed by the ancient rishis I shall give here some more formulas for rejuvenating teas.

Ginger Tea: It is a very effective protection against nausea and digestive problems especially the problems associated with flu arising from the stomach. It scrapes away the collected ama from the intestines and also relieves gastro intestinal pains. This tea is a very effective digestive stimulant and a warm diaphoretic (They cause sweating and eliminate toxins through sweat. Increase circulation and reduce superficial fevers due to cold and flu).Chop fresh ginger roots into small parts and then put this in a cup. Pour boiling water on this and then cover for five to seven minutes. Filter and then gently sip it. Remember never to reheat this tea.

Pepper mint Tea: Take 15 fresh leaves of the peppermint plant and put them in a cup. Pour boiling water and then keep it covered for five minutes. Never reheat or reuse after a period of time. Sip this gently. This tea is to be had after meals. It aids the digestive system in fighting against toxins which may have been ingested during food intake. It has also been found to be effective in the case of irritable bowel syndrome.

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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July 2009

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