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Shakti is the force in the Universe; the word is synonymous with woman. Sheís the force in a manís life; itís her energy, which provides the running force to a business, household, childrenís upbringing and the prosperity of the house. The energy of the person is the result of the kind of emotions or thoughts one harbors.

It is these thoughts which manifest in the physical world and take the shape of events of oneís life, depending upon the ability of a person.

This ability comes from your karmas, as all the events of oneís life are actually decided on the basis of past actions. There is no way by which one can evade the result of oneís past actions, as there is no one who is above the Law of Karma, the basis of Creation. 

As I mentioned above, thoughts of a person form the energy field around him, it is important to first understand what these thoughts are to comprehend how they affect us.

To understand this concept let us do a simple experiment. Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed position, and just observe yourself, your thoughts. Where are they coming from?
Most of us believe that we generate our thoughts, but this is not true. As you observe, you will realize that they come from outside. Actually thoughts exist everywhere; all kind of thoughts are present in the environment around us. On the basis of our attractions and desires we catch these thoughts. Clairvoyantly observed these thoughts are seen as beings. Negative thoughts appear like negative beings like bats, rats, etc and positive thoughts appear like positive beings, e.g. doves, pigeons and many other forms. These beings then latch on to us and take control our actions.

As a womanís duty is to provide the positive force in the form of positive thoughts and action, it is a manís duty to take the entire responsibility of her needs, requirements and fulfillment of her desires. Together they bring peace, harmony and growth in immediate and the extended environment.
Whatever your thoughts are, you become like that. This happens because when a person attracts any being or energy, slowly, the nature or traits of that being become visible in the person. And thatís the logic behind assessing a person by his/her traits.

óThe writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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July 2009

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