Mail from Readers 

TThe GOPIO has turned into an organization that is taking leadership position in all NRI related affairs. There is none to contest its claim as the number one among all NRI organizations. It is twenty years old, and going from strength to strength. The world will wait and watch how it moves on after a change in guard. Asking GOPIO to organize a prestigious event like the PBD Europe is a matter of pride.
S Chandy on email

The article on INDIA INDIA was very good. Do we see the revival of the Festival of India in Europe, this time through private initiative?
Sanjay on email

The fact that using the word Orient will no longer be legal within the USA is a step in the right direction. Several imperialist terms and terminologies continue to be a part of our vocabulary and it is time we started shedding them.
Brian, London.

I Your section on Young Overseas Indians is pleasing, to say the least.
P. Kumar on email

The heritage piece on the Kolkata tramway is superb. Indeed, this eastern metropolis is the only city in India which still retains this mode of transport, and it continues to be a source of immense joy to thousands of commuters. 
Barun, on email.

November 2009

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