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Indian student accuses Scottish university of racial discrimination

A 35-year-old female student, who hails from Bangalore, Karnataka, and was studying for a post-graduate degree in medical molecular genetics at the university, has alleged that undergraduates at the university are given marks “based on the colour of their skin” and that university staff have made racial remarks about Asian students.

According to The Scotsman, she lodged a complaint of racial discrimination with the university authorities after she failed her exams. She also lodged a formal complaint with the Indian High Commission in London.

She originally made the complaints in summer, but details of her allegations were only made public yesterday after being published in a Bangalore newspaper.
In her complaint to the Indian High Commissioner, the student alleges: “They (Indian students) are deliberately given the lowest marks in the class, depending on how the rest of the Caucasians and the programme supervisors' favourite students in the class perform academically. If a Caucasian student does badly, he/she is given an Indian student's marks.”

“Indian students are deliberately given wrong advice concerning academics to prevent them from progressing academically. They are either kept in the dark or given inaccurate information on issues related to academics. I am facing racial and equality discrimination in this university. Many Indian students currently studying here are also affected but they are afraid to protest, as they fear vengeful action from the university,” she added.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen University said: “The university can confirm it has received a complaint of racial discrimination from a student. This is currently under investigation in line with the university's policy on student complaints. We hope to conclude this matter promptly.”

November 2009

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