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Spearheading the Progressive Transformation of Natural Healthcare and Medicine

“Healing diseases is progressive science preventing diseases is ultimate wisdom”


Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan

Alternative Medicines Research Institute (AMRI), Center for Asia is blazing the trail in the progressive development of natural Human Wellness, Natural Healthcare and Medicine. Established in 1997, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan, an experienced Clinical Pharmacist and Naturopath, fundamental self directed research is being conducted to develop a more comprehensive, cosmic based human healthcare and medicine body of knowledge. Following from where Traditional Tamil Dravidian medicine has reached, the epistemology which incorporates all three interactive aspects of the human being, that is the energy, mind and body has been carefully studied and incorporated and the primary model of modern natural healthcare and medicine has been successfully developed.  

“Healing diseases is progressive science
preventing diseases is ultimate wisdom”

In this primary model of human healthcare and medicine, Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan has developed the theory of knowledge, the syllabus for the study of Natural Healthcare and Medicine up to the degree level, developed protocols for the prevention and management of various health disorders, researched and developed a series of highly active micro-nutrient natural formula based on edible seeds for the prevention and healing of various diseases. The primary postulate in his work Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan has clearly identified the problems of human health currently affecting the body of mankind. These include life style metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases , cancers, chronic renal failure , liver disorders and also diseases caused by the micro-organisms such as dengue fever, hepatitis, HIV//AIDS, Chickugunya and others. 

Prof. Dr. Ananthan Krishnan’s documented preliminary studies can be found in the websites, such as Currently efforts are taken by his AK Group of companies to bring the work to the next level of development. Plans are underway to establish the first International College of Human Healthcare and Medicine where the cosmic model of healthcare will be taught and the modern practice of Natural Medicine will be properly instituted for the benefit of the general public.

September 2009

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