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Noel Pratap Lal

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Noel Pratap Lal
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Dr. Prabhu Kulkarni
Noel Lal joined GOPIO in 2000 and has been an active member since. He was the Oceania coordinator tasked to help formation of chapters in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. Recently he has been appointed regional vice president of the Oceania Region.

Born in Lautoka, Fiji, Mr Lal is an electrical engineer by profession and is married with three children. He has been a Sydneysider for the last 19 years, three and half years of which were spent in Vancouver, Canada.

Currently, Mr Lal is the managing director of South Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd, a company he formed in 1998. South Pacific Engineering is based in Sydney and has branches in Melbourne and Perth.

Mr Lal is also vice-president of International Congress of Fiji Indian (Intl) and trustee of the Australian Hindu Educational & Cultural Society. He is actively involved with social and charitable work in Australia and in Fiji.

January 2009

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