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Fight Nicotine Addiction With Sanatan Kriya 

Yogi Ashwini          

All those who try to quit smoking, experience at least one or more of these symptoms: cravings and urges to smoke, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, cognitive impairment, increased appetite and (eventually) weight gain. So much so that it becomes a constant struggle to overcome this addiction. Many a times people shift their addiction form one substance to another. A tried and tested way to reduce all these symptoms is to practice Sanatan Kriya. 

Habitual use of tobacco in any form constricts the arteries to such an extent that blood flow is affected. To unclog the arteries you need to ensure that the prana is appropriately distributed in your body. For this you need to learn the yogic breath. 

So first sit in vajrasana. As you inhale, you fill your breath in the abdominal region move it to your thoracic and then to your clavicular region. Your exhalation takes place first from your clavicular, then thoracic and then from the abdominal. At the time of inhalation you can internally chant the mantra so and hum while exhaling. In the beginning your eyes should be at the kaki mudra( tip of your nose) and at the shambhavi mudra (between your eyebrows) at the end of inhalation; and then going down towards kaki mudra during exhalation.

Along with this eye movement your internal awareness should be moving between the seven chakras in your body, taking the mooladhar to correspond with the nose tip, a little above that swadishthan, followed by manipoorak, anahat, visshudhi, ajna, and the sahastrar. Keep your eyes closed throughout this kriya. One inhalation and exhalation completes one cycle. Repeat this seven times. 

This kriya will ensure redistribution of prana in the body, thereby eliminating all withdrawal symptoms and help the body fight the addiction and nicotine dependence. Those who do this kriya regularly also experience a sense of balance that makes the process of de-addiction smooth and permanent. 

During this time include a lot of liquids and fresh juices in your diet. You can also chew on sugarcane sticks every time you feel a craving for smoking. 

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
For Details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in

March 2011

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