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The one who follows ahimsa, that person doesn’t ever require to hit anybody. This is the siddhi of ahimsa. For instance Shankaracharya, had the siddhi of ahimsa. Let me tell you a story to illustrate this.Shankraharya was once passing through a forest and while walking, he met with a kapali (those who do certain practices with human skulls). So the kapali asked him if he was a brahman. To which Shakaracharya replied in affirmative—yes. So the kapali then asked him, “that means you will have no problem in giving your skull as you are on the path of Brahma… you would have no fear of death.” In reply Shankaracharya asked him, “Will it be of any use to you?” The kapali said yes. “Ok lets go then.” So they both started to walk towards kapali’s destination. As they were doing so, they were attacked by a tiger and the tiger killed the kapali and when Shankaracharya reached the spot kapali was in his last breaths and said, “It was my time to go, not yours.” So this is the siddhi of ahimsa which Shankaracharya possessed.


Brahmacharya translates simply as celibacy. That means abstinence from the sexual act completely. The siddhi of brahmacharya is the most dangerous, which is whatever is your preference you start getting that in abundance. It is the same philosophy when you turn your face away from something, it starts following you. Brahmacharya has further divisions and at times we also connect it with orgasm. For instance, if somebody is getting married, then that person can too practise brahmacharya but the method here would not be abstinence rather it would be no orgasm. So brahmacharya has these further divisions and in the book Sanatan Kriya: Ageless Dimension we have also given 2 kriyas which help you to develop complete control.

Patanjali has said that in all these 5 yamsa, there is one difficulty, which he calls pitfalls. It has been said that there is no bigger fool than a person who does Yog to attain these siddis because these siddhis are the pitfalls. Why? Because the one who is stuck in these siddhis, cannot go forward. But then that stage will come when you will have that siddhi. And you will attain that siddhi only when you follow the yama. And to follow the 5 yamas you will have to leave the physical attractions or physical things.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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