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The author about to go down on a subscooter (left) and parasailing (right)
Breathe deeply. Feel the winds, the rustling of the palm trees, and listen to the sound of the ocean. This is why you are in Mauritius, a destination that has a magnetic pull as far as India is concerned. All seven flights a week from India to Mauritius are full. If more flights are introduced, they’d continue to be full. According to Mr Vijaye Haulder, Deputy Director of Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA), Mauritius receives 60,000 tourists from India annually. The MTPA would like to see this figure go up over time.


Once you are out of the bustling lively downtown area of Port Louis, Mauritius is mostly about scenic, peaceful but modern villages, interspersed with a few towns that have high-energy and visible growth, modern buildings and supermarkets, and plenty of hotels.


If the parapente is one of the talking points of Reunion Island, then surely one of the highlights of Mauritius is the parasailing where a giant umbrella is tied to a speed boat and you take-off on the umbrealla into the skies. The beautiful coral reefs and the clear segregation of the blue and green waters is a sight to behold from up in the skies.

Try the Blue Safari where you have the option of going down to a depth of 35 m below sea level in a submarine or to a depth of 10 m on a subscooter. Canoeing is one of the better options if you are on a beach side resort, or you could take a boat to witness the waterfalls in the lagoons. You could do scuba diving and even undersea walking.

The entertainment never ceases.

—Sayantan Chakravarty


April 2012

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