Why NRI Awards?

The Indian Diaspora, about 25 million strong, is full of achievement and talent. The talent and achievement are to be found in every walk, in practically every corner of the globe. It is to honour this wealth of talent, and, thereby, help make Indiaís engagement with its diaspora more meaningful, that the NRI Awards have been instituted by INDIA EMPIRE publications. The groupís flagship, INDIA EMPIRE, a monthly magazine, has completed over four years in business. It is focused on bringing in stories and issues on NRIs and PIOs for the Indian audience.

The publication believes that it is the right time that the Indian diaspora is recognized by way of Awards through a free, frank and fearless medium, independent of the Government. The National Press Club of India (with over 30 affiliate organizations) has been chosen to be Media Partners for the event and will play a key role in shaping opinion and credibility of the awards. We plan to institutionalize the awards.

Objective of the NRI Awards
To recognize the wealth of Indian talent overseas, to make the awards World Class, institutionalize them, and to ensure that the awards functions are held every year after the conclusion of the Government-organized Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, i.e. on the 10th of January.

Criteria to choose awardees for the NRI Awards
Strictly on merit and reputation. The nominations will be vetted by top NRI associations in different countries and the Indian Media.

Who is eligible for the NRI Awards?
Any person who qualifies as a Non-Resident Indian or a Person of Indian Origin and / or is an Overseas Citizen of India.

Who will attend?
Three hundred people will be in attendance. The near majority will be members of Indiaís diaspora. Besides, there will be select representation from embassies, industry and chambers and Media.