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May 2011

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Sayantan Chakravarty


Before the Assembly elections, Bengal was crying for change. And the voters ensured that change would come in May. Also for decades, Mamata Banerjee had been toiling and plotting for the day when she would be able to take over the chief minister’s chair at Writers’ Building. The road to the seat of power was littered with thorns. For years, the Trinamool Congress leader had been travelling across the state, tirelessly, urging people to throw the communists out. She had to withstand threats, and even physical assaults many a time, but she bravely persevered, ending up doing what none else could do-----break the back of the communists in Bengal. All this after the Left ruled Bengal for well over three decades.

Now that Banerjee is in the saddle in Bengal, much needs to be done. Decades of unnecessary unionism, lethargy, anti-industrial mentality, lack of enterprise has to be slowly worked upon and eased out if old glory is to be restored.

Captains of Indian Industry must start seeing Bengal as a place to invest, while people of Bengal must welcome an opportunity to grow. If Nitish Kumar can turn things around in once-forgotten Bihar, surely Banerjee can do the same in Bengal. But time will tell.

In Kerala too, Oommen Chandy has come back to power, with the Left losing out at the polls. It does look like that the last bastions of communism are falling in India.

Elsewhere in our issue, we have a series of stories of NRI interest that should make for some good reading.


Sayantan Chakravarty

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