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November 2011

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Sayantan Chakravarty


In October, Rajat Gupta captured the imagination of both Indians and Americans, and for good measure many outside India and the USA, albeit for reasons he would have desperately liked to avoid. Not many people would have expected this talismanic corporate figure—a typical Indian American success story (educated at Modern School, IIT, Harvard Business School)—to have fallen from great heights, even if the fall may well be temporary.

Gupta’s conversations with Raj Rajaratnam have been the subject of controversy for a long time, but it was a court in the USA that ruled that he would be put on trial for alleged insider trading from April 2012. Rajaratnam himself received an 11 year sentence in prison for benefiting monetarily in large measures from information that Gupta shared with him, information which FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission say was in breach of corporate confidentiality guidelines.

Gupta’s is a story to tell, if only to warn those who wield enormous power that sometimes a small lapse can lead them to a world of wretchedness and courtroom visits which they’d never have imagined. In Gupta’s case, his entire reputation, built assiduously over a 34-year-old glittering career at McKinsey and Company that he headed between 2003 and 2007 was shattered inside courtrooms in a matter of less than 34 weeks. Ironically, it was India-born Preet Bharara, US attorney for the southern district of New York, who argued that “… (Gupta) became the illegal eyes and ears in the boardroom for his friend and business associate Raj Rajaratnam who reaped enormous profits from Mr Gupta’s breach of duty.”

Also in this issue we have an interview with the executive director of Rajasthan Foundation, Mr Vinod Ajmera whose organization is gearing up to host the forthcoming Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) at Jaipur in January 2012. We also have an interview with young and upcoming Tehmina Sunny whose acting skills are being showcased in silver screens across the world.

U.K. based charity Wings of Hope which does impressive work with underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu had a legal training workshop for students at Clifford Chance. The students who work with Wings of Hope are also the ones who raise funds for the project in India, as well as another one in Malawi. These skill-enhancing workshops are also a novel way to keep students interested in Wings of Hope, and its projects for charity.

And when you are ready to lift your consciousness, listen to what Yogi Ashwini has to say. Yog is not for bhog, he declares. 

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Sayantan Chakravarty

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