Mail from Readers 

This is regarding your cover story on Boston-based venture capitalist Amit Kanodia and Northern Ireland based business baron Diljit Rana. Like other big investors, these two are also looking at India for big time investments in real estate. The sector is hot and the population growth-let’s face it, it’s unchecked-ensure that homes and offices will be in great demand for a while. Unlike the saturated markets abroad, the Indian market are exploding and people are spending their new economy dollars. All eyes are indeed on India. 
Rajat Kamath

The high point of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2006 held at Hyderabad was the Samman Awards given away by President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The parallel GOPIO meet also saw some heavyweights being awarded for promoting the bonds between PIOs and India. The diaspora comprises people who have left the country of their birth and are living in alien lands. Even if some of them are better off financially than would have been in India, the pull of the homeland is too strong. The awards are a token gesture that will go a long way in assuring the diaspora that it matters to the motherland. 
Sanjay Kapoor

Yogi Ashwini’s yoga column is just what the doctor ordered. Although yoga should not be practised without a guru, the asanas he shows us and the tips for daily living are easily done. That too without unduly putting strain on the body. I guess, if people only do the breathing and relaxation exercises, that would ensure a disease-free body and alert mind. Instead of ‘unwinding’ in front of the TV after a hard day’s work, if highly strung executives do half an hour of breathing exercises, it would leave them fresh and ready to take on any ogre in the office. It may seem like more work, but once you start doing it, you will look forward to these sessions each day. Yoga is not about bending like a pretzel. It’s about calming the mind. 
Rakesh Krishnan

Trindad & Tobago is more than just rum and coke. Seems the people in the islands are having one gala party after another but the fact is that they are also serious about development and their country’s image. Like in India, economic growth is the catch phrase here and the country’s government is determined to break out of the Caribbean state of growth and match the rates of its larger neighbours in the western hemisphere. 
Kishen Bhan
Trindad & Tobago

The wine article was anything but run of the mill. I was frankly tired of all the talk of Burgundy, Shiraz, reds and roses and so on. The article was practical and quite handy. You are right, good wineglasses enhance the enjoyment of any wine, but they can cost a bomb. My guess is the same quality beer glasses would be a lot cheaper. Glassmakers perhaps leverage the buying power of the classes. Cellars are all right but I feel that it reduces your consumption because how often would you go down into the cellar for a fill. For a heart wine lover like me, a separate cabinet in the kitchen is perfect. If you’re looking to spend a little bit more, there are a few companies who have closet conversion kits, complete with wall and ceiling liners, racking, and a temperature/humidity control unit. 
Rachel Weir

This is with reference to badminton player Saina Nehwal in Sports Centre. You are right, if she wants to be as successful as Prakash Padukone, she must be focussed. She has all the ingredients to become a top shuttler at the international level. She is quite different from the usual Indian badminton player as she is physically very strong. Now she needs to toughen her mental makeup. 
Ravi Kumar

March 2006

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