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We understand to a great extent now as to how important the elimination of waste from the body is, for it to absorb fresh prana, the life force, the current that makes the body function. In this article we take forward our series on asanas essential for strengthening the organs, the muscles, and the force which leads to expulsion of waste matter from the body.

Points to remember: For all the asanas in this series sit with your legs outstretched; the back and neck should be absolutely straight. The awareness should be on the body part that is being rotated. For this, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed during the exercises. 

Purna Titli Skanda Chakra Greeva Sanchalan

Purna Titli: Folding your knees and bringing your feet close to your body facing each other hold your toes with your hands and sit with your back absolutely straight. Slowly take your knees up and maintain that position till a cont of seven. Then slowly bring them back to the ground, keeping them as close to the floor as possible again hold them till a count of seven. Continue with this up down movement like the flapping of the butterfly’s wings seven times. The movement has to be very gentle and smooth. 

Just like Ardha Titli this asana also prepares the legs for the padma asana and other postures of meditation. While sitting in meditative postures for long hours there is a lot of tension in the inner thigh muscles. Practicing of this asana regularly releases the tension. This is quite effective in removing tiredness from long hours of standing and walking.

Caution: This asana should be avoided by people suffering from sciatica and other sacral conditions.

Skanda Chakra: Keeping the middle three fingers on your shoulders, thumb and the little finger pointing outwards start with the shoulder rotations. Moving from front to back touch your elbows in front of your nose, then point your elbows towards the sky and then come down. Repeat this seven times and then do the back to front movement in the same manner again 7 times.

Besides maintaining the shape of the chest and the shoulders this asana is extremely effective in releasing the strain of driving or office work and is specifically helpful in cervical spondiolitis and frozen shoulder.

Greeva Sanchalan: Sitting in prarambhik sthiti legs stretched outwards, hands behind the back close to your body; palms flat on the ground slowly start rotating the neck clockwise and then anticlockwise. Each direction seven times. It is a known fact that all the nerves which connect the different limbs and organs in the body pass through the neck. Hence after prolonged hours at the desk the muscles in the neck and shoulder region become stiff and tensed. This asana releases tension, heaviness and stiffness in the shoulders, neck and the head.

Caution: Patients suffering from cervical spondiolitis should avoid forward bending of the neck. 

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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May 2006

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