Audra Herbal products are totally different. We have tried many products from across the world, but this one really works
—Top dermatologist in Saudi Arabia
As many wonder why the world we live in is facing more and more danger today, there are others who are concerned about the lifestyle crisis that is happening around us because of poor dietary habits and heavy consumption of chemical-laden treatments or products available in the market. One couple, Edwin and Theresa, realised the continuous risk of these and understand the importance of bringing back what nature has installed for us since the generation of mankind began.
Through cutting-edge technology and continuous investment in research and development, many new products have been formulated to enhance our beauty, keeping ourselves away from aging, or as some put it “aging gracefully”. However, many products in the markets were developed using combinations of various chemical substances or formulations, which after years of consumption, will result in severe problems not only for the users, but also for future generations, causing major damage to mother nature.

With a mission to produce an optimum premium personal care product free from chemicals, steroids and animal by-products, Audra Herbals (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established in March 1996. Being traditional herbalists by profession, the husband and wife team invested days and months in searching and perfecting products with the right herbs to help people suffering from hair loss, receding hairlines and baldness as well as beauty-related ailments. Selecting guarana powder from Brazil, picking amla, neem and henna powder from India, and combining them with local special ingredients such as lemon grass and aloe vera, Audra Herbals’ exclusive Hair Treatment Set was first launched in 1989. 
After passing the ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council, London), Theresa began hiring professional beauty and hair care consultants to perform the treatment service at their first salon founded in September 1989 in Bangsar, Malaysia. The business couple was able to firm up the foundation of the business while putting together success testimonies for their products when hundreds of customers began revisiting the saloon for continuous treatment services throughout the last 17 years. In the years that followed, Audra Herbals products have been introduced and sold through affiliates in all the states of Malaysia. Affiliated salons in Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Saudi Arabia also sell Audra Herbals products.

Return Policy: As the company prides itself on its fair and honest trade policies, if any end user is for any valid reason dissatisfied with its products, they may send in the remaining unused portion, and get a proportionate cash refund, or a product exchange.

Participations in Exhibitions and Trade Missions
  • 2nd to 3rd August 2005, participated in ASEAN SME Convention 2005 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • 21th July 2005, Mdm Theresa Petrose was selected under the Women Outreach Programme (WTOP) to promote and create brand awareness of the “Audra” brand globally for 3 years.
  • International Exhibition in Manchester, UK

Audra Herbals was sponsored by Matrade to participate in the highly acclaimed Professional Beauty North Exhibition from 9-10 October 2005 at G-Mex, Manchester, UK.
This special invitation is in recognition of Audra Herbals’ hair products which meet high industry standards combined with a good track record of success. Audra Herbals is proud to be given this opportunity to promote the product globally.

November 2006

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