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Merchant power plants on cards
The ministry of power is considering allowing private developers to set up merchant plants, that is power plants which are not tied up with long-term power purchase agreements (PPA).
Independent power producers (IPPs) who opt for this route will have to do so at their own risk. Setting up a merchant plant would necessarily mean financing by the developer, as financial institutions/lenders may not be comfortable about projects which don’t have long-term PPAs.
However, the ministry feels the risk could be fully taken care of if IPPs develop projects that deliver power at competitive rates. Given considerable demand-supply mismatch, sale of competitively-priced power should not pose a problem.
This year, between April and May, against a demand of 95,583 MW, only 83,094 MW was available—a peak shortage of 13.1%.
India ranked world’s 4th best holiday haven 
Overseas holidayers and travellers have put India in the big league, ranking it as the fourth most attractive and satisfying holiday destination in the world. It stands ahead of several developed and traditional hot spots like US, France, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa. 
According to the 2006 Conde Nast Readers’ Travel Awards, the ‘Incredible India’ campaign has vaulted India to the fourth spot from 10th in 2003. “This first class performance is largely because of the hard work and enthusiasm India has put into marketing itself to outside world. It is also because, as a leisure destination, India delivers what it promises: A fascinating culture, superb quality in resorts and an unforgettable experience. No wonder, India is on every sophisticated traveller’s lips. It has the potential to take the crown in the next few years,” said publisher Kate Slesinger.
Amul set to become world’s largest liquid milk brand
Amul is set to become the largest liquid milk brand in the world after the consolidation of Gujarat’s milk cooperatives which envisages bringing all district milk brands under the Amul umbrella brand. Until now, Amul’s marketer GCMMF claims, it is Asia’s largest milk brand.
The market of the Amul brand of liquid milk will increase by 36-38 lakh litre per day to 45-46 lakh litre a day, once the district-level milk brands are phased out. The market size for Amul milk will increases further by 2 lakh litres if sales from liquid milk in paper box packs are also added to pouched milk sales. The sales of the ‘Amul’ brand of liquid milk would also cross Rs 1,000 crore from about Rs 900 crore at present. The Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the apex marketing body of dairy co-operatives, sells about 35 lakh liter Amul brand of liquid milk per day in parts of India.


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