Column: Yogi Ashwani

Spiritual Healing

A diseased body is nothing but a result of an imbalance. This imbalance can be corrected by spiritual healing while ensuring that the root cause of the disease is removed without any damage to the physical body. Unlike most modern medical sciences, that tend to suppress the disease or kill the diseased cell, which is the symptom, spiritual healing transforms the cause of the disease. Spiritual healing finds mention in one of the four Vedas called the Atharva Veda given by Rishi Angiras under the section of Yatu Vidya where it has been explained in detail. 

Yatu stands for now, and spiritual healing also happens with no time lag. It effectuates the healing from the dimension of colour. There are different colours with millions of shades in this creation. Each shade is associated with specific attributes. Some are pleasant, soothing, some represent love, some Divinity, some stand for power, some for anger, and some are dull and depressing. All are different and have different effects on the physical. Through these colours the healer effectuates the koshas or the layers of an individual thereby affecting the physical body. There is no ambiguity involved in this science and the effect is fast and permanent and has been tried and tested for thousands of years without fail when practiced in its absolute form.

A word of caution here. This is a very powerful science and requires certain level of consciousness on the part of the healer; certain dhyan techniques and yogic techniques are a must and it should always be facilitated by the grace of your guru and we must follow the purifications and discipline along with the healings. Ignoring even one of the above may result in irreparable damage to the healer.

To give an insight on the extent of certain purifications, according to the Atharva Veda the healer is supposed to stand in waist deep water at 4 A.M. at the break of the dawn and offer water to Sun God daily. He is supposed to be an agriculturist by profession and eat just what he grows on his own farms. Also the healer cannot accept anything from the person he has healed. The healer's job is to do the healing as his duty and then leave the person on whom healing is performed. Not even look back.

In our series on Spiritual Healing we will slowly unfold the techniques of this ancient science for our reader’s benefit which are based on the basic laws of nature.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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December 2007

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