Mail from Readers 

The Australia story is well articulated. The country realizes that irreparable damage may have been caused by the goings on in the last six months. Indian families may never again want to send their children to study in Australia. As a sane parent, I wouldn’t send my child to study there, why would I?
Partho Ganguly on email

I have been a student in Australia in the 1990s before I moved for my doctoral studies to the USA. I can tell you that things were far better then. I guess far too many institutions are competing now for Indian students. The competition is causing a sudden influx that Australia as a country is not prepared to handle. Too many people from a different culture at around the same time can be overwhelming.
Srikanth on email

Goodwill missions are being sent now to India by the Australians to damage control. But the damage has been done. Aussies have been pretty badly exposed.
Parul from Sydney on email

I sympathize with the likes of former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh when he says that the Australians are not racists, and that he comes from a tolerant nation. Waugh is a cricketer who traveled the world, does charity work in Kolkata, and his exposure has made him accepting of different cultures. But there are thousands of Australians who do not know that life exists outside Sydney and Melbourne. What about them?
Digvijay from Hyderabad on email

I think the issues that you cover in INDIA EMPIRE are quite interesting for us NRIs. We would like you to increase your coverage in the U.K. and definitely like to know about more real estate opportunities in India for investment.
Rajinder from Birmingham on email

The GOPIO is an organization that needs to do much more than it is doing at present if it truly were to be recognized as a diaspora body. Right now it is too caught up in internal politics and the body is divided.
Sajjan on email

August 2009

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