Column: Yogi Ashwani

Consume Red Prana to Ward Off Weakness

Now that we have discussed and understood the effect ‘Surya Prana’ has on water stored in green and blue coloured bottles, let’s see what effect the same has on water kept in orange and red bottles.

Consuming water rich in ‘Red Prana’ acts as a potent health tonic and proves extremely effective for people worn out from fatigue and weakness

We know a ‘Prana’ vibrates at different frequencies and is hence perceived as different colours with their own distinct properties. We require the Prana of various different frequencies at regular intervals to maintain a balance in our bodies.

In our earlier article we explained that water which was kept in green and blue coloured bottles developed miraculous therapeutic qualities on absorbing the ‘Surya Prana’. Similarly, water absorbing this ‘Surya Prana’ when kept in red and orange bottles prove highly beneficial for a person.

Fill an orange coloured bottle with fresh drinking water and place it in the sun for a couple of hours in order that it absorbs the ‘Surya Prana’. In case an orange coloured bottle is not handy then simply cover a plain transparent glass bottle with orange cellophane paper. The colour of the bottle decides the frequency of the ‘Prana’ passing through it. Therefore, the ‘Prana’ penetrating the orange bottle possesses qualities typical only to the colour orange i.e. expelling, breaking down or dissipating the heavy ‘Prana’. Consuming this water regularly would have the effect of dispelling the heavy and blocked and therefore could prove highly beneficial for people suffering from chronic constipation.
Working on the same law of nature, the water kept in a red coloured bottle, on having absorbed the ‘Surya Prana’ for a couple of hours, also absorbs properties true to the colour red. The most important property of the ‘Red Prana’ is that of strength. Consuming water rich in ‘Red Prana’ which has been derived directly from the ‘Surya Prana’ acts as a potent health tonic and proves extremely effective for people worn out from tiredness, fatigue and weakness. This water is a complete rejuvenation package leading to the recovery of lost strength..

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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February 2009

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