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Souls undergo several births in the physical world and get stuck in the cycle of karma. However, there are some souls who want to transcend this vicious circle and for this they seek the blessings of Lord Ardhanareshwar, the energy and the force behind the process of transformation. The souls, who realise the futility of the physical and material world, with the blessings of Lord Shiva, go back to their source. Lord Ardhanareshwar represents the combined form of Lord Shiva and Mata Shakti, the form which represent the two forces as ‘one’.

‘Yog’, which means union with the Divine, can help you realise and develop your power to rise over the clutches of Maya and get back to the Divine, the source where we all came from.

To understand in detail about our existence, our identity and how God resides in each one of us, we will have to go back to the creation of the physical world. The physical world got its form only after the emergence of the ‘Trinity’. Then consciousness manifested itself into two more forms, one to create the physical, prana as Jad, the five elements (air, water, ether, earth and fire) and prana as chetan. Prana exists in various frequencies and this varied existence gives shape to each and every physical thing in the universe.

Prana can be explained and understood as ‘The Force’ in the universe. It is this varied frequency of prana at which it vibrates that makes things or people different from each other. This is to say that each one of us and everything in the environment has a unique individual frequency which differentiates two people and make two things differ from each other.

This prana combines itself with the elements to form energy centres called chakras, in a human form. Characteristic such as emotions, power, physical strength etc are each in turn represented by these chakras. Evolution in a human form is a process of rising above each chakra and this is possible only when one has complete control over all human functions or qualities. For this the force called the ‘Kundalini’ is required to rise and travel through each of the chakras to help a person evolve.
Kundalini is pure power, Mata Shakti, which resides in each one of us in a semi dormant state in the lowest chakra. For us to evolve and go through the process of transformation this force needs to be awakened to achieve yog, that is, the union with the Divine. 

Here we need to understand that Mata Shakti can be awakened and brought up through every chakra only and only with the help of Lord Shiva, who resides in the highest human chakra.
But a word of caution here: Kundalini is pure power and if it is awakened in an uncontrolled manner it can destroy the human body beyond repair. This is a perfect science and it is possible only with yogic practices under the guidance of a Guru.

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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March 2009

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