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So far we have talked about the effects of water kept in different coloured bottles after having absorbed the Surya Prana. Letís now move onto various metals (dhatu). All of must have seen our grandparents and great grandparents eat food in silver and copper utensils. The reason was not to show off their royalty but to benefit from the therapeutic values and properties attached to these metals. Depending on the frequency of each dhatu at which it vibrates, it has different properties that are very useful in curing various ailments.

We absorb prana from everything we come in contact with. There is an exchange and absorption of prana with each interaction with our environment. Similarly if we keep some food item or water in any metallic utensil then it tends to absorb the qualities of that metal.

Taking this concept forward letís talk about the effects of water kept in silver glass or silver jug after having absorbed the surya prana. Silver has been used as an ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines because of its therapeutic qualities. 

Take a pure silver glass or jug full of fresh water and keep it in the sun for one to two hours so that it absorbs the Surya Prana. The dhatu (in this case silver) determines the frequency of prana passing through it. Thus, the prana filtering through a silver glass will have the properties of the dhatu, silver, which is that it is astringent (kashaay), sour (amla), sweet in after taste (madhur vipak), cool in potency (sheetveerya), has a smoothing effect (snigdha), strengthening (balprad), tasty (ruchikar), and also reduces hyperactivity.

Drinking water kept in a silver glass, which has also absorbed the Surya Prana, is extremely effective in providing strength to the heart and the stomach, strengthening the entire network of veins and curing various diseases caused by excess vayu and pitta in the body.
Caution: The silver being used must be pure. Impure silver can do more harm than good as the frequency of impure silver is different from that of pure silver. It should be heavy, smooth, and whitish in shade and should have been purified in fire. In contrast to this, silver that is yellowish grey in colour, rough and light in weight is impure. So be careful that you are using pure silver glass to actually derive its benefits.

óThe writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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March 2009

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