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India Empire Poll

The results of a month-long poll conducted on the INDIA EMPIRE website www.indiaempire.com show a definite anti-Pakistan sentiment that is unlikely to go away in a hurry given the way Pakistan has conducted itself post 26/11

Should India suspend diplomatic ties with Pakistan indefinitely?

Yes 57.14%
No 25%
May Be 17.86%

Should India go to war with Pakistan now?

No 57.89%
Yes 33.33%
May Be 8.77%

Should Indian go the Australian way, and tell those who cannot accept India to leave?

Yes 57.89%
No 28.07%
May Be 14.04%

Should India stop sending cricketers and film actors to Pakistan?

Yes 67.24%
No 24.14%
May Be 8.62%

Is India afraid of hitting back at Pakistan?

No 55.17%
Yes 29.31%
Not Sure 15.52%

March 2009

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