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Rare connections

In the previous issue we discussed the matching of the Anahat charka which is the seat of selfless love and very rare these days. Though, it’s a rarity to find connections based on the basis of love today, even rarer are the connections established on the basis of creativity i.e. at the level of vishudhi chakra. This is the higher form of creativity, where people unite together when they have risen over their own selfish needs and now can think beyond themselves. 

Vedic philosophy is so huge and vast that it covers every aspect of nature, all levels of Creation. Based on the nature of the beings of various dimensions, marriages are categorised in five kinds. ‘Manav Vivah’ or the kinds of marriages we see today are the ones, which require a ceremony and are intended to last a lifetime. The concept of love marriage is not a modern concept; it used to happen earlier also and was called the ‘Gandharva Vivah’. Implying that if two people wish to get married without a ceremony, it is possible and permissible. You can merely exchange garlands and be married. You don’t need a ceremony to announce to the world that you are married. If the connection is from the heart and you are prepared to bear complete responsibility of the person you love, you are married.

Whereas in relationships, which fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the spouse, cannot be termed a marriage, even if it is performed with rituals. Even a demonic marriage is not devoid of responsibility. The third type, the demonic or ‘Asuric Vivah’ is when you forcibly marry the other person, against his or her wishes (can be a case of forcible sexual assault), however, this person has to look after all the physical and material needs of the person till his/her lifetime. This was a norm with the raksha clans, definitely not meant for the human race. Here, also complete love and respect is given to the person and there is no getting out of it after your carnal desires are fulfilled. 

The fourth kind is ‘Yaksha Vivah’. Yakshas are the guardians of the Gods. This marriage is a ceremony with rituals and lasts longer than the ‘Manav Vivah’ but not as long as the fifth one, the ‘Deva Vivah’. Deva means God. Blessed by the higher forces of nature, this ceremony takes 13 months to be completed and lasts for seven lifetimes. In these seven lifetimes the couples carry out specific higher responsibilities and then move towards joining the Deva Lok.

Matching of the horoscopes was nothing else but a match of the chakras, the science was perfected by the Vedic rishis and given to mankind as a blessing. Clairvoyance is a science of seeing chakras and then matching them for two people. It does away with the imperfections of the horoscope matching due to error of the reader.

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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May 2009

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