PBD Highlights 2006

Highlights PBD’06

It was a packed show at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas meet in Hyderabad. We bring you a lowdown on what went on during the four-day event

Empire Bureau

Plenary I—Defining a Diaspora Agenda

Importance on branding of India—Diaspora as brand ambassadors 

The diasporic community can help in the following ways: 

  1. Play a strategic role in agenda setting on primary education and persuade the Indian state to provide free and quality primary education; 
  2. The young and the idealist should come to India to do voluntary work; 
  3. They can help to improve research activities; 
  4. Help in setting up world class universities.

Malaysian Diaspora should be involved in building up infrastructure in India 

Demand for Overseas Indian Newsletter in Tamil language 

Issues of human rights should be tackled by GOI without interfering in the country internal affairs 

Demand for overseas Citizenship in the context of higher education by Overseas Indians 

An ICT based database of opportunities will be developed to match the needs of Indian states and the skill sets of overseas Indian community

Plenary II—Diaspora Partnership in Health care

Signing of MoU between MOIA and AAPI for healthcare in rural areas. The initiative will help in extending primary health care and creating a health hub around the cluster of village for better health facilities. The states, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar were identified for first phase of implementation of the scheme. 

Plenary III -Remittance Services

Two concerns in relation to remittances services i.e. reducing transaction costs of remittances and converting the saving potential of overseas Indians into investments 

Launching of ‘Remittance gateway’ by Finance Minister, Shri P. Chidambaram. Dr. P.J.Nayak, chairman UTI Bank explained the process of e-remittance. He identified three areas of concern in the remittances by NRIs: speed, cost and convenience. The UTI Bank has developed a gateway. This portal will enable NRIs and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) to remit the money to India in a designated account in any of the 14500 branches, operating on Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). The remittance through this gateway could be made at very low cost, in real time from anywhere through the Internet. 

Plenary V—Diaspora Knowledge Network

To develop an ICT driven institutional framework for sharing of knowledge between the diaspora and the home country. This platform will enable the users of knowledge and the providers of knowledge to come together and work together. An ICT based database of opportunities will be developed to match the needs of Indian states and the skill sets of the overseas Indian community. The DKN will support work in different sectors like science and technology, social development, research - social and science, biotechnology, foreign direct investment etc. 

Need for sustainable partnerships between overseas Indian associations and India.


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