Mariyah Moten, won Best in Media title (trophy plus sash), for being the most photographed and interviewed girl in the entire pageant. Since the pageant she has been on Zee News, on the pages of Khaleej Times, China Daily, Hangzhou Newspaper and various other newspapers in China.
Competing with 44 delegates, she was given the award on the final night. This is the second award she has received in her pageant career. Miss Charity was won at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in July 2006, and now the Best in Media title in August 2006 for the Miss Bikini Universe 2006.
Star Wars creator George Lucas is donating $175 million to the University of Southern California’s film school. Lucas said Lucasfilm Foundation will provide $75 million for the construction of a new building and renovations of existing facilities. The foundation will also provide a $100 million endowment for the school. The combined gifts are the largest single donation in USC’s history. “I discovered my passion for film and making movies when I was a student at USC in the 1960s, and my experiences there shaped the rest of my career,” Lucas said.

Aniston tops People magazine’s “best-dressed” list

Even in Hollywood—land of breast implants and botox—natural counts for something. So says People magazine, which voted Jennifer Aniston to the top of its list of best-dressed women of 2006. 
The magazine’s annual best- and worst-dressed issue features numerous Hollywood stars all given a moniker to describe their taste in couture.

Oscar winner Halle Berry, dubbed “The Classic,” is No. 2 behind Aniston, and No. 3 was “The Newcomer” Jessica Alba, 25, star of movies like last summer’s hit “Fantastic Four.” 

Editor Elizabeth Sporkin said Aniston, “The Natural,” has a fashion sense that’s very accessible,” she said. “She wears jeans and T-shirts and blazers. She dresses like a regular person, and her evening wear, if you were going to an event, you would think you could really dress like her.”

For the men, singer Justin Timberlake was named “Trendiest,” and English soccer star David Beckham looked best in “jacket and jeans.” George Clooney had the “best monochromatic” look.

“He’s the new Cary Grant,” Sporkin said of Clooney. “All these men are men who really care about how they look.”

Of course, there were the worst fashions of the year, too. But instead of a top 10 list, the magazine took issue with style. There was public pajama wearing by the likes of Paris Hilton and Teri Hatcher’s penchant for showing off her underwear. People devoted an entire page to Sharon Stone.

“These are well-dressed people who really messed up,” Sporkin said. “They had a bad day.”

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