Mail from Readers 

Putting Sourav Ganguly on your December cover was a bold move. Honestly, we donít expect him to go out there and play like a gladiator. Chances are he will play a few average innings, some poor ones and perhaps the odd ton. He may never attain his peak when he used to maul the spinners and medium pacers. He is there mainly because of the paucity of spine in Indian cricketís middle order. But why he deserves to be there is that he was deprived of his seat in the Test team because of factors that were not quite cricket. Of course, Ganguly himself contributed to his own downfall. But while he was doing badly in instant cricket, he should not have been scratched from the Test team. For that alone, he deserves another chance.
Viraj Makan

Sourav Ganguly is old wine in old bottle. Itís unlikely he will rise from the ashes and whack the Springboks all over Centurion Park. He is there because of the fact that Indian selectors always play to the publicís tune. When all of India was baying for his blood, they employed every trick in the book to see his back. And now that the same fickle public wants him back, they are ignoring the talent pool to see heís back. Ganguly owes his comeback in no small measure to his betrayal of his mentor Jagmohan Dalmiya. Now that the southpaw is aligning with the anti-Dalmiya camp, it wonít take rocket science to figure that heíll be given a long rope. So be prepared for a string of low scores and the experts saying that he is a bit rusty and all that. Iím taking up soccer.
Rakesh Adhlakha
New York

Iím not an Indian citizen and neither am I of Indian origin but I look forward to getting my copy of INDIA EMPIRE every month. It has so many columns that are guides for self-improvement. For instance, in the health section, the piece on Ratricharya was excellent as most lifestyle diseases take possession of the body when it is tired and week. When the body does not get enough sleep and we flog it on a daily basis, it snaps and soon we are on the road to the hospital. The article has enough tips to drill sense into us city-slickers who have little need for sleep. We think the more we party the better it is for us. I think you should expand your health section. All the best.
Allan Dunn 

While the new real estate section gives us a birdís eye view of the happening in the sector, you can add more value by giving us contact details of the companies and developers that you write about. That will save readers the trouble of looking up the internet.
Arjun Singh
Hong Kong

As a person of Indian origin living in New York, I believe INDIA EMPIRE serves a noble deed by bring together Indians living far from the motherland. It is a forum where our voice is heard. There are various websites and newspapers but yours has a global vision.
Arun Mantri 
Los Angeles

Delayed copies
You guys should despatch copies of INDIA EMPIRE sooner. I would like it by the second or third of the month. Later than that spoils the fun. 
Subodh Srivastava 

January 2007

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