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Power of Gold

Have you ever thought why the colour gold attracts us so much, how is it that yogis are able to live on just sunlight and some water. Gold is the prana which builds or rebuilds the tissues and it is supposed to be life forming. It is one of the very potent pranas, abundantly available but very few people actually have the ability or strength to channelise it.

The colour yellowish golden is also used by spiritual healers to rebuild tissues i.e. in the event of a burn or an injury where the skin is damaged, this colour is channelised and the tissue is rebuilt .It is so effective that it is also used to repair the damage in the internal organs, though that is done by only very senior and experienced healers only.

According to Charaka, foods like ginger juice, sugarcane juice, honey and cow ghee which are basically different shades of extremely light golden yellow are all sukra vardhaka foods or aphrodisiacs. One should be careful here – never take cow ghee and honey together in similar quantities because this combination is poisonous.

Generally all foods which are light goldenish yellow in colour tend to increase the semen/sukra in the body, (semen or sukra draws prana from the lighter shades of gold). However, it is important to note that certain other foods which have this colour and also another colour like that of golden apples have a very light effect on the semen, as they also have the property of white. To have a direct effect to increase the semen production in the body one should have foods which have a lighter shade of golden.

To talk about the properties of semen, it is an essential lubricant for the body and the vital force which helps in the preservation of the body. It generally has a very light golden yellow aura and its preserving effect increases the life span and is extremely effective for virility and overall health of the body. Increased production of semen has the same effect as of its conservation by celibacy; the catch being that you should not be using up more of it or waste it, thinking that it is all right, since now production has increased. If we do so then the positive effect on the health would be negated.

Our rishis have known for ages the rejuvenating and rebuilding properties of whitish gold or very light shades of yellow to the properties of darker shades prevalent in foods. The colour of food is also known to have vital life sustaining property.

Two concoctions for the readers:
  1. Make a paste of marigold flower petals with a few drops of pure water and apply it on the wounds for healing it.
  2. Turmeric mixed with mustard oil (both are a part of the yellow spectrum and have tissue healing properties) applied on sprains and cramps and internal injuries has miraculous healing effects.

—The writer is an ayurved expert from Dhyan Foundation.
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July 2008

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