Column: Yogi Ashwani

Keeping Your Home In Good Nick

We must have often come across the phrase “A happy and healthy home”. This personification of the place or the house where one stays is not just an imagination and we can actually make out the state and health of the house and of the people staying there. Often when we enter a house it leaves an impression about its condition and state. Not only this, you would be surprised to know that even the condition of the plants is often taken as a parameter for judging the health of the house. It is believed that healthy and flowering plants flourish and thrive only in healthy and happy houses. 

We understand that spiritual healing is a powerful technique for balancing ourselves but the truth is that it is also an extremely powerful technique for purifying and rejuvenating the environment that we stay in e.g. the houses we stay in and the plants in our surroundings. In this article on the series on spiritual healing I will discuss how through a simple technique one can remove the heaviness from our homes and also improve the health of the plants in the house.

To start with sit in a comfortable position in a well-ventilated area of your house. Keep a bowl of water with sea salt near you. Connect with your Guru and closing your eyes just become aware of your house in a miniature form like that of a doll’s house in front of you. It is essential to be aware of your house in a smaller size so as to use lesser energy to purify a larger area of your house. Starting from the Northeast portion of your house and seeking help and blessings of your Guru, use very light whitish green light and wipe clean the walls, roof, floor and the room at large in the Northeastern portion of your house. Move the light in an anticlockwise direction with the movement of your palms. Remember to throw the heaviness removed into the salt-water bowl after every seven movements. Continue in the same fashion moving from one room to another towards the Southwest portion of your house.

After you finish with the cleaning of the house move on to the plants in the house. Taking your awareness to the plants clean them with very light whitish green light. Then slowly become aware of those plants around you which are not very healthy. Become aware of their roots and clean them again with soft whitish green light. Then gently become aware of your Mooladhar Chakra and start projecting a very light whitish red light towards the roots of these plants again moving your palms in the clockwise direction. You should continue with this projection till you start feeling a slight push back on your palms. With complete awareness, gently instruct this light to stay there in the roots of the plants.

After you are through with the process, ensure that you throw the salt water into the basin only or flush it out. Also do not clean the house too frequently and do it only when you feel the need to do so.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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July 2008

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