Column: T. Selva

Eating, sleeping, position matters

The south-east sector of a house is the fire corner and is the best location for the kitchen. It should be away from the front door of the house
WHAT we eat and where we eat are all essential parts of ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life and longevity, which is inter-related with vaastu shastra. Ayurveda focuses on harmonising your body while vaastu stresses on harmonising your property. The written records of this holistic system of healing are primarily in the scriptures dating back 6,000 years. It is a natural approach to creating perfect self, natural beauty and long life. 

Following vaastu shastra principles, one can assure a person's health, wealth, prosperity, peace, wisdom, good children, safe residence, godliness and the ability to live in harmony with nature. The most important aspect of them all is health for only when we have good health can we truly enjoy all the other benefits. If health is lost, all is lost. 
The kitchen is where the health and nourishment of the family start, followed by the dining area. The correct placement and the arrangement of the kitchen and dining area are significant aspects of vaastu principles. 

Fire represents the vital spark of life within humankind, a fragment of the sun, giving us precious life. Fire is also connected with the sight and digestive system of the body. In vaastu, the south-east sector of a house is designated as the fire corner and is the best location for the kitchen. It should also be built in such a way that the kitchen is away from the front door of the house, preventing contaminating energies entering from the outside. Food cooked in the south-east sector will be tasty and will keep all the residents healthy and free from diseases. 
The second choice for the kitchen is north-west. Ample ventilation must be provided in the kitchen to prevent cooking smells from permeating the whole house. If the house has more than one storey, the kitchen must always be located on the ground floor. 

Decisions you make about your kitchen depend upon your current and future needs, your lifestyle, your interests, budget and the structural limitations of the house. A well-designed kitchen should be functional and aesthetically pleasing and it should harmonise with other areas of the house for a consistent appearance. Bear in mind that the kitchen design can have a major impact on the energy system of the whole house. 

Vaastu also stresses sleep as an important aspect of good health because, in order to enjoy sound sleep, one must have a bedroom with a peaceful environment. Sleeping in the wrong direction can also cause health problems. The head must be placed towards the east for undisturbed sleep. The second best sleeping direction is with the head towards the west, the third choice is south. 
These positions will also enhance the person's blood circulation. The head should never be towards north while sleeping. 

The south-west corner is the most powerful quadrant in vaastu because it is the area where positive energy is stored. This is the best sleeping quadrant for the master or breadwinner of the house. Another recommended quadrant is south, which enjoys similar benefits as the south-west.
Selva currently provides daily tips on Vaastu Shastra on Malaysian radio and television and also writes a Sunday column on Vaastu Shastra Malaysia’s leading newspaper The Star.
His latest book titled Vaastu Shastra Guide has hit the best seller list and it is now available in English and Tamil. The author can be contacted at 

—T. Selva is a renowned author from Malaysia. He will write a column on conscious living through Vasthu Sastra in India Empire starting next issue.

June 2008

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