Mail from Readers 

It’s extremely useful to know that the seeds of the Air India-India Airlines merger lay in a research paper by Ashok Reddy. The argument behind the research proposal was simple. Joining the STAR alliance would definitely help Indian Airlines retain its market share and competitive positions. Global alliances usually enabled airline companies to dramatically extend their market coverage. Some of the direct benefits of alliance formation from the perspective of the passenger are joint computer reservation systems, through fares and ticketing, automatic baggage transfer, co-ordinated flight schedules, and sharing frequent flier programmes. 
Alka Pande
New York

Reddy’s story is important to an India that is rapidly evolving and changing. His story suggests that those with dreams, vision and dare can contribute effectively to the building of the nation. As of now it seems that like millions of others, the idea of India seems to have caught his fancy, and those of his well placed friends on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. 
Pushpesh Dhingra
New Delhi

I’m sick of this airline business. Doesn’t the government know when to stop milking its milch cow. After the politicians have stuffed the rolls with their relatives, they turn a once-proud Air India into a sick airline. Then they proceed to sit in committees deliberate on how to merge it or sell it or downsize it. By then the competition is flying far ahead for the ageing Maharajah to catch up. I’m glad there are people like Reddy who have values that India needs desperately in the years ahead.
Mallika Seth

Signal International is a rogue company that takes advantage of gullible workers—Indians, Mexicans, Latinos—and make them slaves of the 21st century. But after the good start to investigations, things aregoing wrong. Most of the workers have been fired by Signal, many have quit, while several have simply disappeared, fearing deportation. With the US more pre-occupied with massive illegal immigration, and the Indian government seemingly having no plan of action, the dock workers are on their own. 
Kabeer Bedi 
New Delhi

The Business Section has really perked up. There are more capsules and better visuals. I really don’t watch much TV but I get the pulse of the Indian economy once I get hold of a copy of India Empire. Please also introduce a monthly capsule containing data on economic indicators. 
Rajneesh Gupta 

For all the good stuff that you guys have been churning out on a regular basis for the past four years or so, here’s looking forward to a bigger Empire. 
Sanjay Agarwal

The investment section is good as it puts everything in capsule form. Since it was obviously a condensed version, it would have helped if the government website had been mentioned.
Dell Kumar

June 2008

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