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Keep your awareness on the shades of colours to be used. Healing can have an adverse effect if done carelessly
This month, we will see how healing can be used effectively for first aid, even in something as grave as a heart attack. If you come across a person having a heart attack, you can follow this simple first aid technique till medical help arrives. Please bear in mind that the technique is to be used only as an aid and immediate medical assistance must be arranged for.

Help the patient to touch the touch the tip of the index finger with the base of the thumb of the respective hands and the tips of the ring and the little finger with the tips of the thumb of the respective hands. This will reduce pressure from and strengthening the heart as by doing this the 
wind element reduces and the earth and water element in the body increase. 
As mentioned and explained in our earlier articles, connect with your Guru. This is a must and especially in an emergency. So seek your Guru's blessings.

Sweep the entire body of the patient, from head to toe, with whitish green colour. Inhibit the Surya Chakra (situated at the cavity below the sternum) with whitish blue colour. Cleanse the Anahaat Chakra (located at the centre of the chest cavity) with whitish violet colour, moving your hand in anti-clockwise direction. Anahaat Chakra is very sensitive so it is advisable to clean the charka from the back in the corresponding area. Cleansing in from the front might result in an adverse reaction on the patient.

Next, we will rejuvenate the Mooladhar Chakra (situated at the base of the spine). This is done by cleansing it with light whitish green light and then energising the Chakra with whitish red prana.

Please remember to have a dustbin unit, where you will instruct the used up prana to go.

Always maintain your composure however tense the situation may be. Keep your awareness on the shades of colours that are to be used. Please do not be casual or frivolous. Healing can have an adverse effect if done carelessly. On the other hand, healing done in a systematic manner can show miraculous results.

This technique will bring instant relief and help avert a heart attack.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi.
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June 2008

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