Be careful on the Path

As you progress on the path of yoga, in the abode of Shiv, the first encounter is with pret. Prets are among the ganas of Shiv,

By Yogi Ashwini

Let me give you an example here of a husband and wife who practice Sanatan Kriya at Dhyan Foundation. Both are extremely dedicated sadhaks. The husband had been keeping ill when he came, but after starting the practices, his health improved tremendously and he started glowing. At a recent havan at Dhyan Ashram, he reported having darshans of certain devs and devis. A complete non-believer, he was himself surprised at what was happening and how things were suddenly falling in place for the two of them. But then, shortly after, he told his wife to stop coming for dhyan sessions. The wife was shocked and told me about the situation. I enquired if there had been any uncanny occurrences in their house lately. She said, ‘yes, at night, sometimes the doors start banging on their own…’ The growth of the couple was vertical, within a very short span of time they had traversed the journey from here to there…and so the first encounter was with a pret.

It is the nature of prets. They will not let you enter for their thought pattern is, “Shiv is ours.” They will lure you and also threaten you in the form of a family member or friend; they will poison your mind, that’s the job of a pret. When this happens, whenever you face a resistance from those near you or there is a disturbance, you can be sure you are walking the right path and you have entered the territory of prets. At that time, one should not give in to the attempts of the prets and continue on the path undeterred. After sometime, the prets will go away.