Be careful on the Path

As you progress on the path of yoga, in the abode of Shiv, the first encounter is with pret. Prets are among the ganas of Shiv,

By Yogi Ashwini

Yoga is not about talking big, it is the path of experience. When that experience happens, the glow is evident in you and is there for all to see. If even after that experience, you choose to tread the path of maya (unreality), then there is no bigger fool than you. It is the pret which is influencing your buddhi. In my initial years of practicing yoga, when I would sit in dhyan, friends/ neighbours would start playing music or banging doors. In social gatherings, they would make fun of me and try to dissuade me. I bore such distractions for over ten years, there was resistance from all quarters. It is the prets at work. I did not let it affect me, my path was clear. I had had the experience, and after that experience I could not disrespect those shaktis by changing my path.

The prets may trouble you in any form—your friends, relatives, parents, children, siblings, spouse or your own thoughts. Therefore before listening to anyone, discretion should be exercised. Shastras say listen to parents, but shastras also narrate the stories of Prahlad and Hiranyakashyap. If Prahlad had listened to his father, what would have become of Creation. Meghnaad listened to his father, and so despite being powerful enough to captivate all three—Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman, he was slain. Both Prahlad and Meghnaad got moksha, but Meghnaad experienced downfall in physical life. Before giving into your parents or spouse or relatives, you need to see what your role in Creation is. Meghnaad had no role in Creation, there was no requirement for the phenomenal shakti he had, so he went back. Prahlad, on the other hand, had to carry forward the message of Vishnu. So despite resistance he continued on his path.