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Journey Through Photographa

VASA Museum

Yet another photographs marks the recreation of those that perished in an accident in 1628 in Sweden when a ship named VASA sank. It was a fearsome war machine with 64 guns and 450 men of them 300 soldiers. It sank within minutes of its launch on 10th August 1628 but was salvaged after 333 years on 24th April 1961 and is now preserved in the VASA Museum in Stockholm. It is believed that about 30 men, women and children died in this catastrophe. The skeletons of at least 15 of these were found during excavations. Some were found outside the ship but have been dated by the radiocarbon method, and were most probably victims also. None of the victims were identified. In connection with research on these skeletons, each has been given a name in alphabetical order following the Swedish letter naming system – “Adam”, “Beata”, “Cesar”, etc. What can be said about “Adam” is that he was 35-40 years old, 165 cm tall and in good health, but that in his youth he had received a blow to the face. He was one of the first skeletons to be salvaged by divers in 1958. The individual F, “Fillip”, was probably a sailor who died at his post. He was 30 years old, 163 cm tall and had a set of teeth that gave him a special smile. “Ylva” was identified in the beginning as a boy, but was in fact a 16 years old girl in poor health. Her skeleton shows several injuries and she was stooped and undernourished. The unknown dead have been given a name and a new life.

Compulsive Travellers

The Lavasas are compulsive travelers, love music, river rafting, trekking, racquet games and reading Novel worked for State Bank of India for 28 years, is now an entrepreneur growing exotic vegetables a in a poly house, organizes adventure camps for women and is also a CSR Consultant. Her husband Ashok is in the Indian Administrative Service and is currently posted as Secretary Aviation in Government of India. Both have a Masters degree from Delhi University in English Literature and also a Masters degree in Business Administration.

They have two children, Avny and Abir. Avny is in the Indian Administrative Service, having earlier worked in the sports management industry and is married to Pranav. Abir is on the verge of finishing his MBA having earlier played cricket at the national level as a professional cricketer. While Novel has written occasional pieces on their travels, Ashok’s first book ‘An Uncivil Servant’ was published in 2006. They have participated in various exhibitions and have also had solo exhibitions in different cities. The last exhibition of their photographs INWARD EYE was held in 2010.

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