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The attainment of peace, in 2002, has opened up huge opportunities for investments in Angola. In 2010, the UNCTAD considered Angola to be one of the most attractive destinations of private investment. All investments benefit from clear-cut guarantees of repatriation of dividends and profits, as provided by the Private Investment Law. Indian foreign direct investment is welcome in oil and non-oil sectors, such as agriculture, healthcare and pharma industry, mining, fishing, energy, water, processing industries and, of course, tourism, which is often referred to as the industry of peace. Hospitality and tourism constitute one of the greatest avenues for diversifying the Angolan economy. Leba mountain, Kalandula waterfalls, Kumbira forest, the poles of Okavango basin, M’Banza Kongo and Cabo Ledo, as well as Semba and Kizomba musical genres are some of countless attractions for tourists to enjoy and entrepreneurs to invest in.

-H.E. Manuel Bravo, Ambassador of Angola to India