The group’s vision is to ensure that its flagship publication, the monthly magazine INDIA EMPIRE, becomes the most relevant magazine for the 25 million Indian diaspora residing in over 180 countries.

In the 21st century, India’s engagement with its diaspora is intensifying. The more recent immigrants and their sons and daughters who have economically established themselves are looking at investing their wealth in India. Showcasing the opportunities in India is one of the objectives of the magazine. Equally important is to showcase the achievements of the Indian diaspora that has earned laurels for the country overseas. Its issues are also of relevance to the Indian public. The magazine is geared to inform in these areas.

The descendants of the older immigrants are engaging with their Motherland at a different level. They are striving to keep their native language, and their culture alive, and hoping to connect with their roots in India before it is too late. The magazine wishes to make itself relevant for this section of the diaspora.