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JULY 2018


Our government has established a clear roadmap for the relationship with India. It is our goal to strengthen our bilateral ties and take them a step further, achieving a Strategic Dialogue based on mutually beneficial cooperation with high added value in the fields of agro technology and food security, mining, science, energy security, peaceful uses of nuclear energy and of outer space, defense and security, and including off course cultural exchanges and education. In an uncertain, rapidly changing and complex world, Argentina and India, who share the same democratic values, must be strategic partners. Next year we will celebrate 70 years of bilateral relationship, and we have a great opportunity to achieve these goals.

-H.E. Mr. Daniel Chuburu, Ambassador of Argentina to India

JULY 2018


In the framework of public-private coordination, we are able to achieve agricultural development in fields like machinery, molecular biology and genetic engineering, in order to generate an efficient integration in the global value chains. Taking this into account, there is a great potential to strengthen the bilateral commercial relationship with India not only in terms of trade, but also in terms of technical cooperation and investments. With regard to energy, nonconventional resources located at "Vaca Muerta" will be key in the near future for India´s energy security. Also, in Argentina there are great investment opportunities for copper and lithium, and we are ready to provide these strategic assets to India.

-María Agustina Meda-Head of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Argentina