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I believe that for a country like ours-with the limitations that we may have in terms of budget and human resources-India is an obvious and sure bet. We believe that we are at a crucial moment in time to improve upon our diplomatic ties. I think Latin America as a whole must have a sure bet in India. And India should have a sure bet in Latin America. I think for India to sustain the growth it has for the future-your direction says you'll be growing at more than 7 per cent till 2050-and that you'd be able to do with greater presence in Latin America. It is about how we can find a way to consolidate the circuit-Bolivia and Peru through Argentina or Chile. Five years back when I was in India, one of the things that I felt here was that India was still genuine. You still have that which other countries have lost. And in Bolivia I think you'll find something similar. You may not go to Bolivia to be pampered at say the Ritz Carlton, but you witness pristine beauty, nature at its very best, and culture.

-H.E. Mr Sergio Dario Arispe Barrientos, Ambassador of Bolivia to India