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In 2016 Colombia took definitive steps in ending the oldest armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere and is willing to strengthen collaboration with India in agriculture, ICTs, tourism, as well as in investment and trade—areas that will play a key role in achieving stable and lasting peace. I encourage you to explore the vibrant opportunities that Colombia offers. Colombia is a regional leader that currently holds the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance (an integration group that comprises Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru); it has a strategic geographic location in northern South America, with a portfolio of 16 FTAs; and is the third foreign direct investment destination in Latin America.

-H.E. Ms Clemencia Forero Ucrós, Ambassador of Colombia to India



Colombia, located in the northern hemisphere of South America, and internationally renowned for having the best coffee in the world, is amongst the top 20 destinations for foreign investment according to the United Nations Conference on Commerce and Development (UNCTAD). A fact that has not gone unnoticed by major Indian players, as this country is the base of operations for more than 40 Indian companies in sectors such as BPO, IT, vehicle assembly, and the agro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We are sure that Colombia's geo-strategic location, attractive market and its ease of doing business will continue to offer multiple opportunities to the Indian investors.

-H.E. Ms Monica Lanzetta, Ambassador of Colombia to India