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India has been a reliable and consistent partner of Cyprus, both bilaterally and multilaterally. A long-standing friendship links the two countries since the mid-1950s when they joined the Non-Aligned Movement. A number of bilateral Agreements (e.g. Air Services, Merchant Shipping, Double Taxation, Social Security, Transfer of Prisoners, and Cooperation in Legal Matters) have been in place, not least because of the significant economic benefits for both sides. Indeed, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed power, relations between Cyprus and India have taken on a new and ambitious trajectory. The rising clout of India, both as the largest emerging economy and a major security actor in the new geopolitical scene, necessitated a serious reappraisal and upgrading of the bilateral relationship. New partnerships in all economic sectors, most notably energy and renewables, agriculture, as well as defence cooperation, including maritime security and counter-terrorism, are in order. All of the above have significantly boosted bilateral ties in the economic, political and security domains.

-H.E. Mr. Demetrios A. Theophylactou, High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus to India