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Denmark and India can celebrate our 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations next year. We were among the first ones recognizing the independence of Modern India.

In a historical context Danes came to India back in 1620 when a fleet dispatched by then King arrived in today's Tamil Nadu. Trading stations were established with Tranquebar and later Serampore outside Kolkata as the main posts. Textiles and spices were traded and auctioned in Copenhagen.

In modern India Denmark - through Danida - gave development assistance starting in the early 1960s. That continued for decades. The legacy hereof is still measurable.

Many Danish companies also invested in India and they are still very much present today.

From 2008 and onwards India's importance as an emerging market grew and attracted strong foreign interest- also from Denmark. A joint government commission was established and is today the backbone of our cooperation. Since 2020 the Green Strategic Partnership is the unique framework and driver in our relationship.

-H. E. Freddy Svane, Ambassador, Royal Danish Embassy, India