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MARCH 2019


Indians have discovered Hungary and are visiting our country in ever larger numbers. Tourist arrivals are doubling each year. It is not by happenstance! Rabindranath Tagore himself has said about Hungary: "I have seen almost all the countries of the world but I saw nowhere such a beautiful harmony of the sky and the water than that I had the privilege to enjoy on the shore of Balatonfüred, filling my soul with rapture." We welcome all Indians to Hungary, who want to have the same experience as the Nobel Laureate poet did.

-H.E. Mr Gyula Pethő, Ambassador of Hungary to India



The auto industry is a major driver of economic growth all over the world. This is especially true for India and Hungary. In India, it contributes 7 per cent of the country's total GDP, supports 3 million jobs directly and 31 million indirectly. It is the fifth largest export item, contributing USD 10.9 billion in overseas sales. Hungary, likewise, is a large automotive centre, with four OEMs manufacturing in the country and a large ecosystem of TIER I-IV suppliers. The sector provides 18 per cent of Hungarian exports and is also a major employer in our country. These thriving sectors are natural avenues for cooperation between our nations. There are, however, numerous challenges faced by the industry, the largest of which are electro-mobility and self-driven vehicles. The Hungarian Government has recognised these and is forming a policy to help the industry cope with the many questions it faces. With great foresight, it is also building a test track dedicated to electric and self-driving cars that will be open to use for all manufacturers, including Indian firms. The imperative of electric vehicles is a wonderful opportunity for closer and stronger collaboration for Indian and Hungarian companies.

-H.E. Mr Gyula Pethő, Ambassador of Hungary to India



Tourism is of cardinal importance for the economy of countries, especially if it has valuable natural and cultural heritage like Hungary. In favor of attracting foreigners, our country has made remarkable improvements to introduce our traditions and the overall beauty of the country. We are delighted that Hungary is a popular travel destination for Indian people, offering special places, programs, wellness and bath culture, and traditional Hungarian hospitality. In 2016, the number of Indian tourists visiting Hungary increased by 30% compared to the previous year, and by the end of August 2017 it was nearly as much as 2016 in total. We hope that this dynamic increase will contribute to an even faster development of the two countries' relations.

-H.E. Mr Gyula Pethő, Ambassador of Hungary to India

JULY 2017


The Smart Cities Mission of India is to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City, catalyzing the creation of similar Smart Cities in various regions and parts of the country. This idea is very similar to the Smart City concept of Hungary, which aims to establish an intelligent, innovative, livable, sustainable, healthy and rich city. The city works together with the business and voluntary sectors, the Universities, and international organizations to deal with tasks of the city's long-term goals. Today bigger or smaller cities have launched their Smart City Initiatives in Hungary. Along the EU initiative "International Urban Cooperation", there is ample room for Indian and Hungarian cities to work together in the field of sustainable city development.

-H.E. Mr Gyula Pethő, Ambassador of Hungary to India



Hungary is a small country in the middle of Europe with hardly 10 million people. Hungary at the same time is a great country with unmatched cultural, scientific and historic heritage, coupled with untarnished natural beauty and welcoming, hardworking people. It is an ideal hub for business, a popular and safe tourist destination. The relations between Hungary and India go back hundreds of years. Many famous Hungarian orientalists made India their home and many famous Indians visited Hungary, most notably Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Hungary has a lot to offer to India and can readily assist India in handling challenges, derived from the growing Indian population, the aspirations of the new emerging middle class, the imperative of new job opportunities, the quickly dwindling water supply, the alarmingly high levels of pollution in some cities in India which all call for immediate solutions.

-H.E. Mr Gyula Pethő, Ambassador of Hungary to India